This 1-Year-Old Has Fully Developed Genitals And Pubic Hair and People Are Going Crazy

The world is full of miracles. There are chances that you have heard of miracles, but to witness a miracle, it needs to be seen to believe it. Recently Delhi witnessed a miracle of sorts. The story of a one year boy who is already sporting a beard is giving goose bumps to everyone around.
The one year boy, who has been anonymously named Aman, is experiencing something rare. The boy is currently undergoing treatment in Delhi’s Max Super Specialty Hospital for early puberty at such a tender age.  At an average, a normal boy starts attaining puberty in their teens. But what has happened is unbelievable!
What is Doctor Saying?
Doctors are saying that Aman is suffering from a rare disorder which makes him attain puberty at an early age. The one-year-old baby is said to be having sexual urges and experiencing abnormal changes in his body day by day. It has been observed that Aman has genitals and pubic hair just like any normal adult. Parents confirm that when Aman was six months old, his body already started developing sexual characteristics. What makes Aman different from another child is that he is 10-15 cm taller as compared to the other children of his age. Aman has witnessed hair growth on his face and body, owing to which he has started having sexual urges.

 What are parents saying?
At first, like any other normal parents, they were shocked to see this development in Aman. They thought it was just a phase of his growing body. But later, when they realised that he has sexual developments, they were scared.  Aman’s parents initially thought that maybe he was just a big baby, so he had some quick changes in his body. So the thought of taking him to the doctor did not cross his mind. But by the time, Aman turned one, they could sense, that something is definitely wrong.

Human science and facts
On an average, a normal one-year-old has 20ng/dl of testosterone in their body. But in Aman’s body, it was observed that he had 500-600 ng/dl of testosterone, which can be found in a 25-year-old adult. It may be noted that testosterone is a hormone, which is responsible for male sexual characteristics.  The diagnosis in this calls for a rare disorder known as `precocious puberty’. This disorder is seen in one among 5000 kids every 10 years. Aman is the one among 100,000 kids who suffers from this disorder.
Doctors are injecting hormone medications to reduce the hormone levels in the body. Dr. Vaishakhi Rustagi, who is treating Aman, believes that Precocious Puberty is traumatic for the child at this age. A baby cannot express his feelings or understand anything. If this disorder is not treated in time, then it can lead to the severe mental disorder for the child. Because of high hormone levels in his body, at times, Aman used to behave violently. His parents are spending Rs.11000 every day for his treatment.
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