10 Amazing Methods Your Dog Uses To Say ‘I Love You’

We all love our dogs. But these pooches can be pretty weird too. If you ask a dog owner what are some of the weird things that their dog does during the day, they would provide you with a huge list of things like how their dog starts barking at a running vacuum cleaner or get super scared when they hear a cracker go out a couple of miles away or how they go hide in a corner whenever there is a little rain. These are the kind of things that might always stay a mystery to us hoomans. But fortunately, science has developed enough to allow us to know whether our dog loves us or not.

Dog Love!

#1 Lean Against You!

Dogs have this constant habit of leaning against their owners. The reasons however can vary. At times it is anxiety, or if they want you to do something or take them somewhere. But what needs to be understood is that the main reason behind a dog leaning against you is affection. Even if the dog is leaning because of the nervousness, it shows that the dog finds you comforting and someone who could keep you safe and protected.

#2 Raising Eyebrows!

Reading faces is not something that is applicable only with us humans. It works just as well with our canine buds. They too give it all away with those big wrinkly, furry faces. When dogs see their loving parents, they have a tendency of raising their left eyebrow. But when they see someone they don’t trust or approve of, they raise their right brow! It funny how much such simple things can reveal.

#3 Bring Their Favorite Toy To You!

We all have been greeted by our dog bringing their favorite toys. And we mostly interpret it as the dog wanting to play with us. It might be the case a lot of the times. But what it also means is that it is a sign of affection in itself. When your dog brings you his favorite ball, it may also mean he thinks of you as his pack leader. What he is doing, is pleasing you by bringing to you his finest possession!