10 Animals That Humans Hunted Down To Extinction

As humans are evolving, there are some animals that are getting extinct. There are many human recreational activities or technological activities like poaching or hunting or even industrialization that result in decline in numbers of animals of certain races. Here we are going to look at the top 10 animals that are put into extinction because of human beings. From the Dodo bird to the Western Black Rhino, these animals would still be around had it not been for human intervention.

1. Bubal Hartebeest

This beautiful antelope has been much talked about and worshiped as a sacrificial offering and a food source. For thousands of years they roamed in large groups as 200 across the Northern African continent. Even mummified remains of their horns are found in Egyptian tombs, proving their importance in religion sustenance. They were still widespread in Tunisia even till 1870  but the last beast was shot in 1902 in Tunisia.


2. The Western Black Rhinoceros

This animal is thought to have emerged onto the savannas approximately seven to eight million years ago and survived as the top mammal on the food chain for millions of years. They were hunted down for their tusks at the beginning of the 20th century and by 2006 there were none to be reported. They were officially declared extinct by 2013.


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