10 craziest confessions that would make you go from ROFL to Awww!

Have a secret you that find too heavy to carry? Well, most of us do have a couple or two. While some confessions crack you up, there are others that make you feel sorry for the confessor. Below is a list of the 10 craziest confessions of the year. Just try to not judge.

 “I ate dog food just to see what it tasted like.”


In that case, I am quite obsessed with petrol; just the mere smell of it makes me go bonkers. Now, go figure.

“The only reason I brought my friend to the haunted house was so that I could punch her in the face in the crowded pitch black room without her knowing it was me.”


Whoa! That’s some plan you had, lady. Let’s just hope the ghost didn’t spank you back.