These are some Resolutions that can turn Politicians into Leaders.# 8th is probably the toughest of all..

Over the course of time, India is led by a variety of people who have had their share of appreciation and criticisms. It is a well-grounded fact that our politicians are followed up by a large population. They should really be affluent with goodness and honesty coupled with an intellect which is requisite to lead a country with utmost perfection!
With the New Year knocking over, everyone sets new goals and adopt some changes to embark upon new heights in the coming year! So, with a view to taking India forward, our politicians should also make New Year resolutions to keep up with them over the course of the year!
Here are ten resolutions that our politicians should take up to promise us the happiest year ahead!

#1  To communicate with the public frequently.

The public’s criticism will help them make better decisions. Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu are highly active on twitter and frequently responds to people’s tweets. They have set a great example for all other politicians. Communications with the public are essential and helpful as the politician gets direct inputs from the public. This way his decisions and policies will be favored by a majority of people.

#2 They should resolve to not misuse their power.

It is human nature to exploit others if you get power and control. Politicians try and bend rules according to their convenience. This is a punishable crime yet there are several politicians misusing their power and position. Their actions indirectly affect the innocent.

#3 The number of scams reported in our country is high and politicians should make a resolution to become honest and make the country free of scams.

The 2G scam by A Raja or the Commonwealth Games scams are just a few examples. Our politicians love to indulge in fraudulent activities which only end up revealing their dishonesty and treachery towards the country. Bringing a change in them and stopping such activities will not only help their name but also help the country’s name.
illustration of no scams abstract concept background

#4 Delhi was listed as one of the most polluted cities in the world.

This should be a reality check for all politicians and should make them realize that we need to take care of our environment more seriously. They should become determined to improve the environmental conditions of our country. Damaging of the Environment is not only our country’s issue but in fact, it is a global issue which reveals the severity of this issue and the great need to pertain to it immediately.

#5 Members of legislative assemblies or the Lok Sabha should make a resolution to not fight and argue during the sessions.

They should focus on being peaceful and have a discussion rather than an argument. The Lok Sabha TV is one of the nosiest channels on television. There is not a single moment in the Lok Sabha session when something is being quietly discussed. Every topic of discussion raised ends up becoming a topic of war of words. The sole purpose of having a parliamentary debate or discussion is defeated and somewhere between the egos of the politicians the topic of discussion gets lost.
New Delhi: Opposition members protest in the well of the Rajya Sabha in New Delhi on Thursday. PTI Photo / TV GRAB (PTI12_4_2014_000088A)

#6 Politicians should try and take criticism from media and others in a positive stride.

Whenever they are criticized they feel offended and start attacking the media. By doing so, they end up curbing the freedom of the media. The job of the media is to make people aware of what is going on in the country. They help the public in forming opinions and allow them to look at situations differently. Criticism is hard to accept and it is worse if you are a politician as it affects your image in the public eye. If politicians accept this criticism rather than cribbing about it, they will be exhibiting a positive attitude and people will respect them more.

#7 The fight against corruption has been a long drawn one and a lot of politicians have been accused of corruption also.

Politicians should make a resolution to stop corruption wherever it is being practiced and not indulge in such activities themselves. It has been stated that corruption needs to stop at the lowest level and only then can it be eradicated entirely. If our leaders are not setting good examples for the country no change will be observed in this area.

#8 Politicians should resolve to stay out of controversy.

Many times in interviews, politicians end up passing a statement which is highly controversial and end up getting in trouble. Some of them also have the habit of saying one thing in one interview and saying the complete opposite in another interview. They are criticized and become the center of all political jokes too! Our politicians should realize they need to think before speaking.

#9 All politicians should resolve to remove poverty from our country.

This resolution maybe one that has been on this list for several years. It seems like a long shot and kind of impossible resolution. Poverty has hindered the development of our country for such a long time and at times, it has ended up stagnating it too. It is as important as the growth in GDP, may be more, but not less!

Poverty's Baggage
Poverty’s Baggage

#10 The most important resolution they should make is to fulfill the promises they made to the public and stay true to their job of handling the nation.

A lot of politicians have disgraced themselves by not upholding the promises they made during campaigns and elections. Politicians should stop pulling off these antics and disappointing their followers with their “Jumlas”.