10 Signs That Prove You Are A Girl Who Will Not Take Anybody's Bullshit

If you are a girl who often intimidates people just by giving a straight face look, then this post is meant for you. You are a strong girl who refuses to be the doormat for anybody who wants to step over you for their own selfish motives! Not just that, if you can simply not bear pretentious people then you’re at the right place!

1. You Are Just Not A Pushover!

There is a fine line between being nice and being a pushover. But only because you are a soft spoken person doesn’t mean you will handle all the crap people throw at you.


2. You Like To Pay For Your Own Bills

You simply do not let other people, especially men pay for your meals or the shopping that you do as it gives you a feeling of being dependent on them; and that is the last thing that you want them to think of you!


3. You Will Not Take Bull$h*t From Anyone, Not Even Your Closed Ones

You are not a punching bag for anyone, so you will not let people treat you like that!


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