Everyone has some fantasy or the other. While some people are vocal about their fantasies, most people prefer to keep them in  a closet. However, people don’t usually realize that their fantasies can tell a lot about them, especially their $exual fantasies. $expert Tracey Cox talks about the meaning of these fantasies and what they really have to say about you.

#1 Subjugation Fantasies

This “Fifty Shades of Grey” fantasy is one of the most common ones. It is all about the power. One person has it all and the other is completely stripped of it. If you believe in giving and pleasing others, then you are definitely the latter.

#2 To be Ecstatically Captivating

No, not simply just “attractive” but irresistible and tempting. This fantasy involves a person wanting other people to be completely awestruck by them. Thinking about them all the time, begging for their time, dying to kiss them. Such recurring fantasies reflect low self esteem. The person might have a fear of facing a situation that is exactly the opposite of their fantasy. However, in many people, it is simply a yearning to become the most desired supermodel or Hollywood star overnight.

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