10 Things Every Woman With A Dirty Mind Has To Deal With On A Daily Basis

Have you ever heard a woman talk dirty? If you have then you must have been taken aback by the fact that it is a female who is doing it as it is considered to be a man’s thing. These are the few things that people think or say when a female talks dirty in public.

1. You’re asked to lower down your voice

If you’re in a room that is full of frisky college students, you will be asked to lower down your volume while you start talking about $ex. It is a probable reason, that is a considered a taboo subject by most people and you may find it ridiculous.

“If everyone around you has had $ex before, why can’t you talk about it at a normal volume?”


2. When you do the dirty talking, you surprise many men

Men like to do the dirty talking in the bedroom with their woman, but if the roles are swapped, they are taken aback. They are surprised at the fact that even you can get naughty.


3. You always have $ex on your mind

Any conversation you have with people around will eventually just land up thought of $ex in your mind. Even if you are talking of peanut butter, you will end up thinking about $ex!


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