13 Things you will understand only if you have a sister!

Since times immemorial, siblings have shared a love and hate relationship. You can’t live with them, you definitely can’t live without them.They strive to make your life easy, and the very next minute, they leave no stone unturned to ruin it all for you!
Here today, we bring to you, 13 things you will understand, only if you have a sister!!
1. When you have been sneaking in her room and she finds out and chases you!!
2.When she sits down and finalizes her spot and refuses to let anyone else take that place!

3. When you sit on her spot when she is away … she will send an electronic replica of herself to remind you
4. Her reaction when you take that one, small, teeny weeny, innocent bite from her food because you are very hungry … 
5. When Parents are away and ask her to take care of her siblings, Yeah right!!

6. What she looks like when your sister has some awesome place to go to and she is just finished doing her make up, ready to rock and roll!
7. When you are wearing HER SHIRT and she finds out! 
8. When you just can’t seem to come to an agreement over what channel to watch!
9. When you behave all nice and all, but everyone knows who the asshole is! 
10. When you know just who has been to the shower before you.
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11. When Mom says you have to “HUG IT OUT”, but you really don’t want to
12. When someone says, Yo, your sister’s Hawt!! (Like seriously??)
13. When you Can’t live With her, and you can’t live without her!
Admit it or not, sisters are your best friends sent by god, or err… may be by Satan… it’s for you to decide!
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