6 tips that can really help you make a difference for a person going through depression.

Depression is a serious health issue entailing a phase where a person has lost all hopes of living and is on the verge of giving it up. Depressed people need a lot of care and warmth to get over their difficult times, and trust me when I say, it’s you who can really help them get over it. These 6 tips, if followed, can help you help the depressed person come out of the terrible plight he is currently in.

#1: Stop saying “Think Positive”

depression 1

Been there, done that. Doesn’t work, trust me. A person doesn’t go into depression by choice. Moreover, asking someone to stop feeling depressed can actually make him feel that he/she is doing something wrong. This can even make matters worse.

#2: Reach out, ASAP

depression 2

People in depression tend to cut off from the entire world, choosing a lonely life for themselves. So, if you think someone you know might be going through depression, do give him/her a call. You can start with something like “I was thinking about you. Your call will make a huge difference, trust me.