Gone are those days when people use to buy daily usage things from market only. Today almost every usable item can be delivered at your home through online stores.  Moreover, exceptional marketing of their products by Online stores have influenced many people to buy unnecessary things. This article describes you about some of those worthless things which you shouldn’t buy for your home unless you have enough money.
1. Justin Bieber Dental Floss
Banoosh.tvJustin Bieber Dental floss is a waxed mint flavored dental floss styled after the amazing young star, Justin Bieber. Usually Floss helps to prevent gingivitis by helping to remove plaque and debris between the teeth and along the gumline. But the same can be done with a regular toothbrush also, so there no need to spend double amount for the branded Dental Floss.
2. Wine Yoke
wineenthusiasist.scene7.comIf you hate holding your wine glass throughout the party then Wine Yoke is made for you as it holds your wine glass well as shown in the picture. I know you will be surprised to see that how intelligently humans have designed things for their routine comfort. But there is no doubt that spending your precious money on such product is worthless.
3. Micro-luggage Scooter
uk.loff.itTravelers can ride on their suitcase now with this micro-luggage Scooter. It will be too easy for you to reach your destination while riding on this micro-luggage scooter. However, you will look odd man out if you use it at the place where you can walk easily. Besides that in the 21st-century luxurious world, there are only a few places where you have to walk just for some distance & thus buying this product seems worthless.
4. iCarta Speaker Dock
iO.wp.com            iCarta Speaker Dock is a toilet paper holder cum speaker for wireless streaming of music files via Bluetooth. So listen to your favorite music while taking a bath. This product is useless for many as most of us don’t feel the need to listen to music in the bathroom. Besides that, those who spend too much time in the bathroom can try this product to listen to their favorite music while enjoying the shower.
5. Kountry Class Baby Bottle
chillhour.com  It is said that if your baby is a redneck (born in the US), chances are that he won’t take a normal bottle. This product is also used as a gag gift for the parents who are expecting. Moreover, one can remove its lid & the remaining glass can also be used for drinking Beer and Wine. Keeping aside all the uses the product seems worthless after looking at its high cost.
6. Glowing Toilet Seat
nightglowseats.comThe glowing toilet seat is made from a special polymer that is added with a glow pigment. Moreover, when in use the seat automatically heats up to kill bacteria instantly that land on the seat. This seat is useful only for those who have trouble finding the toilet in the middle of the night & for others it is worthless.
7. Talking Smurf Toothbrush
i.ytimg.comDon’t be surprised if your toothbrush starts talking while brushing your teeth, it’s a talking Smurf toothbrush. Moreover, the brush stands on its own to let bristles drain for hygiene. It’s specially designed for children and is worthless for adults who want to buy it.
8. NFL Forest Faces
secure.img2.wfrcdn.comNFL Forest Faces are made of weather resistant resin to decorate your favorite trees. You can bring your trees to live with the multicolored capped expressive forest faces. Furthermore, you have to shell out more than 25 dollars for the single face which seems so high that everyone can’t afford it. Undoubtedly it’s a worthless product for those who don’t have a love for trees.
9. Hitch Critters
Hitch Critters are the funniest brake lights ever invented as it will make people behind you laugh uncontrollably as the deer will jump into action every time you apply brakes. Deer, Bad Dog, Wheelie Hog, Duck & fish are various varieties of animated Hitch Critters. In short Hitch Critters are designed to entertain your vehicle followers and not you, so they can be placed in the category of Worthless buying.
10. Bigfoot The Garden Statue
cdn3.vox-cdn.comBigfoot Garden statue is a creative hand painted high-quality decorative art which commands a unique presence in your home or garden. Each Piece is hand cast using real crushed stone bonded with high-quality designer resin. However, you will find it worthless after looking at its price which varies from 150 dollars to 2600 dollar for medium, large and life-size.