11 Dreadful Pictures Not Meant To Be Viewed By Weak Hearts

All humans are biologically same if we go on to ignore the gender indifferences. Even then, the tastes and choices of all are different according to their personality. There are people who love to watch cute, funny and lighthearted things and on contrast are the ones who are more interested in the horror world or the dark humor.

You are here even after reading the title, which gives the idea that you are sadist inside, enjoys dark humor, and see the world a bit differently.

A Picture of Home by a little one who lived up in a concentration camp


Do you really think I was just kidding by choosing such a warning title??? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’. This picture is not to lighten your heart as it’s all about bringing the deep pain in the forefront. By looking at it, one can get the idea how savagely humans treat each other.

Unfortunate victim of volcanic eruption- Omayra Sanchez


Omayra Sánchez, a 13-year-old Colombian girl, was caught in a volcanic eruption. She was trapped in water nearly for three nights. Even though her legs were caught in the door made of bricks, her aunt did not lost hope. She clutched tightly around the little girl’s feet and legs.

Airline Horror as a guy sucked into a running aircraft engine


A technician was torn into pieces after he got sucked into a running jet engine freak accident. This is what remained of him.

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