10 professions that impress women the most, check them out!

They say that job or the dress should to be the parameter behind judging a man or a woman. But damn, this is the truth all the time. There are certain professions that are glamorous enough to get you a date even if you don’t just earn enough. The charm of a drop-dead handsome pilot strutting about the airport in a crisp white uniform is enough to leave a woman drooling over! Similarly, there are certain professions which by name are just enough to fix you date!!!
Getting snapped at her beautiful best is a girl’s birthright! And which woman would not want to be clicked all the time! If you happen to be the one to find beauty in everything, you are definitely her choice. And just in case you come out to be a travel photographer, not even those bollywood actors can beat you. Mind you, this is the truth!
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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! This is just half the truth for no woman can ever resist a guy who can whip up delights in the kitchen. Every woman drools over a man who can cook! And if in case you happen to have hands over baking, you can literally leave the women licking your fingers!
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The exude sense of duty, strict discipline trains them not only for fighting across borders but makes them exceptionally fit, handsome and good looking! Something no woman can ever ignore! Blend it with a pleasing personality and a chivalrous attitude and there’s the perfect combination ever.
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Well- dressed, well-read, well-travelled and handsomely paid, we’re not to be blamed for falling for them! They have everything a woman desires for and more, the unsaid authority and the respect. A high responsibility job that involves risk to life! And not to forget, a pilot takes us places.
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One of the most respected professions today is medicine. Coveted by women and girls alike, doctors are believed to be suave, disciplined, intelligent, and ever-so-helpful (so maybe he’ll help me be a better person)! So, in case you fall sick on a date, he’ll probably care.
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Brainy is the new SEXY!!! Choosing to do your own thing and be an entrepreneur is one of the hottest professions today. And don’t be surprised if you have the women drooling over you, in case you hit the jackpot early. The secret to chick’s magnet is a young achiever, a self-made man, a go-getter or a leader.
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