11 Road Fails COMPLETELY Lacking Common Sense!

Do you love to go on long romantic drives or walk for miles enjoying your own quality time then you are in love with smooth marvelous roads. Ever thought what would have our lives be without these roads spreading over miles. No right? But often if you realize they are the most important parts of our lives. We have had our best journeys on roads; all the blames of our bad times have always been stabbed on these roads, sometimes their bad conditions, sometimes and their traffic.
However, for all those road lovers we have some epic and bizarre road fails that will shake your faith on civil engineers so much that you would want to stop travelling by roads.
#1 Might be he was thinking about drunken drivers while doing this or maybe he himself was!
#2 The footpath is blocked ahead, please take the main road to walk and get slammed by cars!
#3 Like seriously! Making roads is an easy game bro, just needs things need to fall in right places
#4 Remember the doctor’s case when he left his surgical scissors inside patient’s stomach. Here’s another example! Why?
#5  Not that everyone has plenty of time to wait! No! Not even for the concrete to settle. I got to make my own way if you can’t do it for me on time!
#6 Now wait! What if these plants ever felt like crossing the road. So concerning of the makers.
#7  Now who is ready to go to shcool? Well not me as am not as cool as them to attend shcool and not school.
#8 His job was not paint the road and not clean poop. Not even if it came his way. For god’s sake he was there to paint, whatever it may be, road or poop, he was there to paint and so he painted it all!
#9 Now who is going to justify this? The road makers say that the bridge was built low and the bridge builders say that the traffic light is too high! What do you say? I say, “Let us bang each other with cars!”
#10 I always knew common sense is never common but never thought it would be the rarest thing to find. This has shaken my faith on all the roads worldwide.
#11 Awwee! Such thoughtful construction. If you are thinking what am saying then let me put it this way. If we humans need our space even the sad cars need their lonely corners and who else then our workers would understand their emotions.
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