11 Weird Tattoos Of All Times. #8 Is The Dumbest!

Getting inked is being considered as a privilege more than being a fashion statement. But some people take this privilege to new heights which dumbfound the onlookers. These few pictures of some of the dumbest tattoos will make you fall off laughter.

1. What would it take for you to get a Justin Beiber Tattoo on your body

Jamie Young from Manchester, England got Justin’s tattoo on his lower back in the wake of raising money for charity which raised 1200 British pounds. Not sure if we she praise him enough or…!

2. Who needs a professional tattoo artist when you can get your backyard guy to do it for you

There is nothing special about this infected tattoo with crooked lines which doesn’t even make sense. But when you want to get a tattoo, you got to get one!

3. Is that even a portrait?

Either the artist has a terrible hand at art or this guy’s daughter is an alien.
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