12 Kickass Inventions That Every Traveler Must Have!! #4 Is A Game Changer!!

This one is for the ones who love to explore the unexplored. If you are a wanderer by choice, then these Kickass Inventions are a must have. All your travel problems will be solved here. You can now be at home, out in the wild. Some of these might be a tad expensive. But if you have the buck to spare, then this list is a definite wishlist.

Kickass Inventions

Bluetooth Padlock

Safety and security are important for everyone. Loosing your luggage just because your key was lost, or got broken inside the lock or some thief picked your lock, is something that spoils the mood for everyone. Well not anymore. Now this amazing Bluetooth Padlock will make sure that your belongings stay with you and accessible all the time. It is accessed using your smartphone. And the administrator decides the password and the number of users.
Approx Cost: $45

Water Bottle With filter

Carrying a large stock of water everywhere you go is neither possible, nor recommended. At the same time, drinking unsafe water could prove to be fatal. But with this bottle, that comes with a built in filter, you can take water from anywhere and this bottle will make it 99.99% pure.
Approx Cost: $65

Hammock Backpack

Carrying a heavy hammock with you everywhere can be very difficult, specially if you are on a trek. It also takes a lot of space. But with this revolutionary new backpack, that comes with a built in hammock, you don’t have to worry about being able to sleep comfortably.
Approx Cost: $180

Solar powered generator

Most of the devices after this might need a power supply. So we bring to you a solution that will make sure that you are never outta power.This is a solar power generator comes with 2 Ampere USB outlet, 12 Volts output and an 80 Watts AC inverter. It can be charged using solar power or car battery power. It can provide enough output to charge your laptops or lights or smartphones.
Approx Cost: $200

Heated Travel Mug

Now you can keep your beverages hot even while travelling. Whether you are on a road trip or camping out in the woods, this portable electric mug will keep your coffee just the way you like it— hot!! It comes with an analog temperature gauge, a ready light, an on/off toggle switch and plugs into a 12 V power outlet.
Approx Cost: $20

Electric Blanket

148×107 cm blanket is your ideal partner for a road trip or a camping expedition if you wanna keep warm in those chilly days. It comes with a safety timer with auto shut off and and reset button with a 7 foot long fuse cable. It can be easily plugged into a 12 V power supply.
Approx Cost: Too low to display

Mosquito repellent Lantern

This is one of those kickass inventions you have always missed at the camping trips with your families. You can finally keep those bugs at bay. It has a 15×15 foot  radius that keeps all the bugs, mosquitoes and flies away. And that too without your skin having to smell nasty with one of those lotions. It runs on 4 AA batteries and also has 4 LED lights that can act as a night lamp.
Approx Cost: $20


Travelling abroad frequently? But tired of untangling and managing plugs that suit different countries? This world travel adapter is compatible with 150 countries. Say goodbye to tangled wires!!
Approx Cost: $35

Beer Can Holster Belt

If you too are one of those who likes to go out for a beer and barbecue out in the woods then this one is just perfect for you. It will allow you to keep your hands free to do other work. But you will also be able to make sure that you don’t have to worry about not carrying enough beers.
Approx Cost: $10

Bubble Tent

Love sleeping under the clear starry sky of the mountains? Awesome bubble tent will provide you with the opportunity to experience just that without worrying too much about your safety. It is build with a 0.6 mm fire retardant PVC. It has a diameter of 4 meters which will provide you ample space inside.
Approx Cost: $1100

Pack & Carry Fireplace

Going out camping for a BBQ or a fun camp trip? This portable fireplace, made of stainless steel, is your perfect companion. It comes in 2 variables.

  1. Large: 17.75 x 17.75 x 13 in, 11.9 lb
  2. Medium: 13.75 x 13.75 x 9.75 in, 7.9 lb

It comes with a lifetime warranty, but it will surely make you hit at those camp nights you love going to with your friends.
Approx Cost: $150-$190


Nothing better than a BBQ out in the woods. But who will carry those large barbecue grills? This small barbecue dining table allows you to grill your food and have a table to eat at….out in the woods!!! It needs the Pack & Carry fireplace along with it to work, but this will revolutionize your BBQ trips.
Approx Cost: $425
If you have the penchant for travelling, then this is one list you just cannot ignore. The Kickass Inventions are going to make travelling a lot simpler and much more fun!! You will feel like home everywhere.
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