12 reasons you should never date a Haryanvi boy

Jaat boys have left a mark on every Indian, be it through their reservation riots in Haryana or their accent or their great sportsmanship. Jaats are no doubts the best friends one can ever have, but having them as a soul mate seems no less than a dreadful nightmare. So girls lets have a look at why you should not date a Haryanvi ever!

1. They do not respect other languages!

They are so comfortable with Haryanvi that they can practically turn any and every language into their own through their unusual accent.


2. They hate to save money.

If you ever date a Haryanvi, be prepared to receive loads of presents and to go out on long rides, as he will surely shower his savings on you.

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3. They don’t have a good fashion sense.

Haryanvis are “Desi”. It is high time we change our perception about these men.

4. They know anybody and everybody!

They have their relatives or friends residing in places from Kashmir- to- Delhi- to- Kanyakumari. That’s not all, they even know people who live in Canada, Australia or England. Girls! even if the list of people he knows is never ending, at least you have a reason to pack your backs and get set go  !

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