12 Secrets Of Pharmacists That Will Shock You!

Even though a job of pharmacists may seem easy as they only seem to sit behind the counters and get us the prescribed medicines. But often they toil day in and day out and their efforts are no less than a doctor. You wouldn’t know the amount of effort they put in to get you the right medicine, until now!

1. They prevent doctors from killing you.

Jason, a retail pharmacist in the Midwest has been in the profession for over 20 years, sighs when people complaint about slow services. He says, “It’s not just putting pills in a bottle. With a prescription, there’s a good likelihood of there being wrong information. We catch interactions that could kill you.”
Jason could see 200 orders a day but says that 10 to 15 percent prescriptions contain errors in instruction, quantity, or dosing which need to be corrected by calling the physician.

2. They generally have 15 minutes to accomplish things.

A retail pharmacist in Texas, Aaron says, “We have a time limit. Reports get printed out at the end of the week and we get reprimanded for not meeting metrics. People ask if there’s anything they need to know about their medication. Yes, lots, but I only have a few seconds to give you the highlights.”


3. Understanding a doctor’s handwriting is a task!

Jason says, “You’re expected to learn it on the job. You learn traits. Some doctors don’t learn any Roman numeral besides ‘I,’ so 11 of them means ’11.’ It’s like a puzzle.” He sometimes would call the doctor’s office to decipher the secret code of a handwriting habit. “The funny thing is, you can move 10 minutes away to another side of town and have to learn a whole new set of patterns.”
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