14 Brides Who Did Not Wear White On Their Wedding Day And They Absolutely Rocked It

Whenever you think of wedding, you visualize a white wedding gown with a beautiful bride. But there are some brides who do not believe in going by the rules. Here are 14 brides who did not wear white on their wedding day and they still look beautiful and ravishing.
#1. Experiment : Who said, white is the norm. You can rock your wedding day with this beautiful blue gown and still look beautiful. Experiment with colors and you will thank yourself. today lots of brides are willing to experiment and this is a good sign.

#2. No whites: A color is just a color. If you love any other color apart from white, then why not go ahead and flaunt it. You are the bride and you know it better, what you want. So turns those heads and  celebrate your wedding day.

#3. Be different : Today is your special day. You have the right to decide your gown.Times have changed. people look at you and appreciate you if you are different. So be the one!

#4. The Power of Red : Red symbolizes love and what better than wearing love on your wedding day. Red makes any bride look beautiful.

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