15 Animal Haircuts That Came Out Purrfectly

Having pets is one things, treating them nicely is others. For most of the people out there their pets are like their best friends their companions for everything they do. They care for them so much that, they may not have a proper routine but their pets may have. Such people also have a tendency to keep their pets royal like by giving them fancy haircuts, hair color and dressing them up like themselves or like a fancy dress competition. Taking out your dog on a morning walk, or decorating his kennel and getting him nice fancy accessories have seem to become a trend nowadays. From neck tie, shampoo, till food everything for your pets has to be classy. This also applies to other pets.
The first records of dog grooming in the West but the French were the first to ones to really embrace it. The Poodle was the official dog of the French court, where dog only salons also sculpted their fur in extreme ways. There are even competitions on pets grooming held in various cities that allows to showcase the talents of your pets.
Lets look at 15 animal haircuts that were just so awesome!
#15  This completely look like a slice of bread
#14 This one is cute
#13 Do I look awesome?
#12 But you said they wont make fun of me!!!
#11 I’m sexy and I know it, Know IT, KNOW IT!
#10 This poor kid, I feel sorry for him!
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