15 Extraordinary Cases OF Child Logics That Prove That These Kids Are The Father Of All

As much as children are innocent, they are difficult to reason. There is no logic, how their brain functions or what is churning in their brain. Sometimes they just bowl you with their witty answers and at times leave you dumbstruck with their comments. A child learns and observes from what he see around himself. But nevertheless, everyone loves when a child gives a funny answer to a serious question.
Here are 15¬†funniest cases of child logic’s, that will prove that these kids are the father of all.

#1. Doll Clothes:

A girl was donating her niece’s outgrown clothes. On being told, not to do so, the girl wittily answered that she would use for her doll, as her clothes were shrinking!
7. Because the clothes were shrinking...

#2. Antarctica, Antarctica!:

The teacher asked a student about his homework. The student replied that his sister was using his colored pencil. so the teacher reasoned that he could have borrowed it from his sister. Quick came the reply, that she lives in Antarctica. The teacher said that nobody stays in Antarctica. On the spot, the boy made up a story, that she does live and is living now in Antarctica.
5. Inhabitant in Antarctica!

#3. Father or daddy?:

A father asked his daughter to do some work for him, which she flatly refused. On being refused, father told his daughter that she should listen to her father. The daughter said that he is not her father, as fathers do not see their kids often and he was her daddy!
11. Not father, but you are the Daddy!

#4. German, anyone? :

A couple’s 5 year old daughter had problem in communicating. So the teacher advised the parents to tell her stories at home. The parents showed her the picture of a German village and asked her to describe it, the girl cheekily replied, that she cannot speak German!
14. She meant it after all.

#5. Tongue in chick:

In the latest Chick-Fil-A commercial, it was seen that a man is trying to wake a cow, who was crowing like a rooster. So the father asked his 6 year old child, what was wrong with the cow?. The child answered, may be the cow must have eaten a chicken!

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