15 Stunning Pictures From The Sony World Photography Awards

Every year there are many photography competitions that take place in order to honor photographers from around the world and people’s passion for clicking pictures. Sony World Photography is a platform for all the professional photographers who work wonders with their lens and present the world to us in hues that are much more beautiful than the original ones. Here are some of the pictures that will leave you awestruck and will make you want to buy a Sony camera right away!

1. “Bear Apartment Six”

Bear Apartment Six is a compilation of 16 photographs made into one. In June 2016, out of the three sun bear cubs at Free the Bears Fund’s enclosure number six in Cambodia, it was photographed for more than 90 minutes at a stretch. Every single bear was rescued when they were merely few months old. they were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.


Image Credits : Alexandra Cearns/Sony World Photography Awards)

2. Annual celebration of Dinagyang festival of Iloilo, Philippines.

The photographer has beautifully captured the environment full of joy and mirth during the festival. The photograph is enough to speak volumes about how passionately the celebration is help and how much the people enjoy it. Makes us want to visit Philippines for sure.

1-153Image Credits : Raniel Jose Castañeda/Sony World Photography Awards)

3. A swimming coach practices.

There may seem no great deal about swimming only until you look at this picture. It seems as if the coach is aiming to cross the Pacific Ocean. The blue hue of the swimming pool water resembles that of the mighty ocean.

2-129Image Credits : Zuorong Li/Sony World Photography Awards)

4. A manta ray swimming in the Indian ocean, Indonesia.

The Indian Ocean a home to many mysterious aquatic species and one of them has been brilliantly captured by the photographer.

3-125Image Credits : Daniel Hunter/Sony World Photography Awards)

5. A part of the series “The Flower Keepers.”

The Flower Keepers essentially captures what has been the state of mind of the photographer while clicking the picture. He explains it as, “A personal series exploring my imagination and thoughts, creating whimsical characters in a world filled with flowers.”

4-121Image Credits : Ellie Victoria Gale/Sony World Photography Awards)

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