15 Things Females Obsessed With Make Up Pray For!

Make up can be considered an essential part of female routine. All ladies put on some kind of beauty products on their face or body to make their outward appearance pleasant (for those who are a little less bestowed in the area) while others put it on to improve their good appearance even further (this is at least what they think).
Females obsessed with fashion and beauty generally pray for certain things repeatedly. The list is quite varied, unique and even hilarious. We have lined up the top 15 things females obsessed with make up pray for.

1. May I be a head turner and people recognize me when I think I am looking fiery hot.


2. I have kept my make up kit as my own children. May I never have to face a loss like this ever again.

This really breaks every girl’s heart. A pulverized foundation pack

3. I wish that my favorite foundation never gets discontinued because that is everything I look good in.


4. I love this new bold look. I wish it looks equally amazing on me and suits me.

Trying a new look which may be in vogue but still not suit you

5. May my eyeliner wings come out flawless every single time.

Winging of the eyeliner which may or may not be ideal every single time

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