15 Times Cats Thought That They Are Liquid!

According to Physics, matter can exist in three forms which are solid, liquid and gas. Liquid state is that state in which matter is not rigid and can take up any shape and form. All we have learnt while growing up is that liquids can be classified as water, drinks, oil, etc. as they can flow freely and they can be contained in containers. But have you ever imagined a cat being a liquid too? Well, these few pictures are going to make you believe this notion. They are too cute to be true!

1. You might want to check this out. “I am flowing like a river.”

If it were not for my liquid body, I would have not been able to do such a thing. I bet no other cat would have done it before or would be able to do it, as they all are solid!


2. I can even become a waterfall as I like to flow.

“They see me flowing, they hating!”
All other cats are envious of my personality as they can never be a waterfall just the way I can be.


3. I would not be able to fit in this box if I were not liquid.

We all have studied in Physics that a liquid can take up the shape of the container it is put it. How else do you think I made it possible fitting in the box? If I were solid your efforts to put me inside this shoe box would go in vain!


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