16 People Who Accidentally Dressed The Same As Their Surroundings

True fashion lovers are those who like to experiment with their clothes and still manage to stand out from the crowd, no matter how grotesque or classy their fashion sense is. But then there are some people who take their love for fashion to a whole new level by wearing matching clothes as their surroundings. Here are few people who have precisely done the same and have completely camouflaged in their surroundings!

1. When your dressing sense matches the comb!

We wonder if this lady has more such matching dresses.


2. You can’t find my footprints, I will leave no trace of it!

On the first sight, all you see is a black and white pattern on the floor. But as you look carefully at the picture, you will notice that there is a shoe in it which completely camouflages in it. The main question here is that where did this person get these shoes from and even the place which had exactly these matching tiles on the floor.


3. Work hard and play harder!

Men take their game very seriously and this picture is a standing evidence for it! This man is so passionate about the sport he plays that he likes to match his attire with the ball. But do you think that is going to earn him any points in the match?


4. Travel just like the metro would do!

When in the metro, you should dress like it! If you are a shy person who is afraid of meeting people then this is the best way to save yourself from the awkward “hello’s” and “hi’s” that you are going to have on your way from the many unwanted people. Just dress in the same color as that of the walls of the metro and you are good to go.


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