16 Questions you need to ask Siri right now! #11 is hilarious.

Even though Siri is a digital voice assistant that has been built into various Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, it obviates any possibilities of being human. She, or for some users he, is extremely great at what it does. It is so intellectual that it will give you a run for your own thoughts. It does an outstanding job of offering up advices and assisting you in your jobs. Every time you lift your iOS to ask Siri a question it will respond you with charming answers that not just entertain you, but also help you be more forgiving when it occasionally misunderstands a query or fails at an attempt to provide a useful response to an earnest question. Look at these 16 hilarious questions you might want to ask it right away.

1. Siri Question #1

2. Siri Question #2

3. Siri Question #3

4. Siri Question #4

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