16 reasons why Indians should never visit Thailand!

People love Thailand for various uncountable reasons, for its climate, its spellbinding beauty, their cuisines and what not. Many popular Hollywood movies too have been shot in the beautiful backdrop of this country. People from all over the world want to visit this place at least once, be it on their honeymoon, or for their bachelors. Still these few reasons which will force you into believing that it is the worst destination ever. Let’s have a look at these 16 reasons.

1. You can’t be sure, whether that pretty face you saw was that of a girl or a lady-boy!

Guys this place is a trap for you. Be careful who you give your heart to.

2. Vegetarians will just die of hunger!

This country offers huge diversity of sea food, which you will get at every nook and corner. Vegetarians, you better get your meals packed before you visit Thailand.

3. Transport system is ludicrously odd.

You are sure to have a hell of a ride.
bangkok vizualprophet geng jakkarin

4. The adventure sports can get you killed.

man fire jumps thailand
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