16 Types of Ear Piercings That Take up Your Swag

Times have changed and so have people’s taste whether it’s music, movies, fashion, hair or even your lifestyle. As regular people, we really don’t go overboard with our choices or fashion but people in the glam industry have no choice but to keep changing or experimenting with their looks. Whether from one’s point of view it may be sassy the other might just find it quirky. But ear piercing is just an art of adding element and style to your regular self by not going overboard. And not only that, people have started piercing each and almost every part of their body, though ear piercing still holds the top notch place. Let us see some options

1) Standard lobe piercing

The most common among all, the lobe is much softer than any other part of the ear. This is usually everyone’s first piercing – The most simple yet glamorous.
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2) Upper lobe piercing

The least painful piercing, here the upper portion of the lobe is punctured. Extremely spunky looking and least painful makes a deadly combination. Rings and studs are used to adorn it.
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