Get Your Daily Dose of Cuteness with these 17 Cat Images and Go Awww!

There are people who love nature, then there are people who love humans and then there are people who love their pets. These animal lovers just treat their pets like nothing else, but their own young ones specifically dog and cat lovers.
Among pets Dogs are the most popular animals and the next in line is cats!
A popular saying goes that a man prefers to pet a dog because a dog thinks that “these humans love me, feed me and take care of me.They must be my GOD!”
Whereas, cats are associated with a  more arrogant behavior and think, “These humans love me, feed me and take care of me, I MUST BE THEIR GOD!”
Now we all know that dogs are humans best friends but what makes a cat stand out? let us guess, these cute little things are more or less picture purfect models. Truly, they just sit around , occasionally meows around, and just keeps staring at you. And if you think I am just Kidding, you got to check these 17 cat models that can give any human model a run for their money. Just hold your breath animal as well as the non animal lovers… here’s to these pretty creatures…!!

1) This bed entirely belongs to me. Of course the pillow comes with it too! They are mine…. All mine!!

pic 1

2) Check those large blue eyes waiting for some fun to happen. Isn’t it, coby?

pic 2

3) Oh my…! see my pout … sibling mania with those different colored eyes.

pic 3

4) Well, it’s black and it’s Brown too, and it’s different! I just love seeking all that attention I get.

pic 4

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