14 of the Strangest Cars Ever Designed!

Although most of the car manufacturing companies design their cars by keeping in mind the customer’s requirements & liking but some manufacturers also strive hard to launch entirely new designed vehicles. Today we are exploring some strangest as well as creative cars which many of us have never seen on roads.
1. Terrafugia Transition
i.ytimg.comThis car is designed to beat the terrible morning traffic in which each one of us usually gets stuck But now forget traffic jams as your dream of flying a car will turn into reality with Terrafugia Transition. Actually, this wonder machine is a car cum plane as it can move on the road & fly also by opening up its wings. So if you are interested in flying this car, you can go for a pilot training as this car will be launched just in a decade.
2. Water Car Python
w.images.boldride.comIf you are afraid of heights then you can opt for water car which is designed to run in water as well as the road. If you want to head into the lake directly after your journey through road, you might think about purchasing the Water Car Python.  It is the fastest high-performance amphibious vehicle ever built which turns from car to boat in just 15 seconds.
3. Bubble Car
1.bp.blogspot.comBubble car is one of the attractive three-wheeled cars made by German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt. This wonder car has a narrow body & a bubble canopy which opens up like a fighter aircraft cockpit canopy. Bubble car which was produced in 1960’s looked funny & cool. It had only 3 persons seating capacity & was the most economical small car in Europe.
4. Porshe 918 Spyder Concept Car
blogcdn.comPorshe 918 Spyder Concept car is a high-tech racing car with some outstanding qualities. The Super sports car accelerates from a standstill to 100km/h in just 3 seconds with a top speed of 320km/hr. This open two-seater car has an E-Drive mode, a hybrid mode & a sports hybrid mode which uses both drive modes to focus on supreme performance.
5. Bugati type 57S Competition Coupe Aerolithe
car_revs_daily.comBugati type 57S made a debut at the Paris Auto show in 1935. This car has a superb light green metallic finishing that exhibits properties of a chameleon. Bugati’s large headlights with yellow bulbs is too impressive. The tail of the car is an amazing work of art & the picture also shows an exposed backbone full of rivets. One thing which comes to our mind after looking at Bugati is it’s amazing, don’t you think?
6. Ford Speedster
assests.blog.hemming.comThe low long roadster was designed by Eugene Gregorie & fabricated by hand by craftsmen from Ford aircraft factory. The wheel cowlings are the modified versions of the cowlings used on the wheels of the Trimotor Aircraft. Speedster’s styling features include a long hood, flared grille, handle-less suicide doors, spun aluminium wheel covers & bullet shaped polished aluminium
7. Oeuf Electrique
1.bp.blogspot.comThe 1942 Oeuf electrique an electric egg-shaped car had three wheels & ran on batteries designed by a Parisian named Paul Arzens. This strange car weighed around 350 kg & moves with an average speed of 70km/h.
8. Norman Timbs Special
img593.imgshack.usJust like its name Norman Timbs the vehicle has a curved shape leading to a raindrop tail. A racing engineer named Indy made this car with a Buick straight 8 engine placed at the rear of the chassis. The car’s one-piece rear panel opens hydraulically to reveal the rear end of chassis. Norman Timbs most attractive streamlined look was admired by many Americans.
9. General Motors Firebird I
upload.wikimedia.orgThe General Motors Firebird I was actually a jet fighter with four wheels, tail fin & a bubble type cockpit. This unique car wings actually had aircraft style flaps for slowing from high speed & its brake drums were on the outside of wheels for faster cooling.
10. Ferrari 512 S Modulo
clasicdriver.comFerrari 512S Modulo is a very notable race car with a spaceship-like design. The car is ultra low to the ground & produces 550 horsepower with a top speed of 350km/h. This car could steer only straight as the wheels are incorporated into the bodywork.
11. Lancia Stratos HF Zero
only-cars.comLancia Stratos is an 115 bhp, a V4 engine with five-speed gearbox superb car. Lancia’s seats are almost horizontal  & long windscreen gives a clear front view. The driver has to enter through the hinged windshield as the car is just 33 inches tall.
12. BMW GINA Light Visionary Model
picpicx.com_BMW_GINABMW GINA is a fabric skinned sports car concept built by BMW. Its fabric body resists high or low temperatures & the car exterior also changes shape according to extreme climate & vehicle speeds. The headlamps are hidden until the driver turns them on & the turn signals operate behind the fabric. As per BMW, this sort of adaptive functionality will help forge a stronger emotional bond between man & a machine.
13. GM Le Sabre
g.images.boldride.comGM Le Sabre was the first car in the world to support fins & a wraparound windshield, design elements that became a part of American cars thereafter. Sabre came with a moisture detector which would raise the convertible top if it rained. Le Sabre is made of lightweight aluminium, fibreglass & magnesium. Moreover, Le Sabre is marked high when it came to comfort & versatility.
14. Cadillac Cyclone
assets.blog.hemmings.comCadillac cyclone was designed to test new styling & engineering ideas. Cadillac was the two passenger automobile and had a clear plastic top that gives the driver true 360-degree  The car includes advanced engineering features like radar locating device which scans the highway & warns the driver about objects in its path. Cyclone doors move outward from the car at a touch of a button.