20 Cats Who Are Crashing Nativity Scenes. #13 Is The Most Obvious!

Have you ever wondered why see little figurines of cats in the nativity scenes? Well there is a story behind it. Legend says that Joseph and Mary made friendship with a barn cat on the very night Jesus was born. This cat was a dear friend of the holy couple and this is pretty much the reason why we can witness tiny silhouettes or figurines of cats in the nativity scenes. It is an age old Christmas legend and even our cats tell us the same.
This tabby cat took care of baby Jesus on the night he was born. For this, Mother Mary was extremely grateful to the new friend she had found in the barn cat. Due to this, she sat down with it and petted it on its head.
As elucidated by the story, it is now evident as to why we see a coloring on the heads of many tabby cats. Even in times like today, we can see that the color forms a letter “M” on the head of the furry animal.
Here are few such images of our fellow kitties that will certainly make you believe in this story and give you evidence that they have crashed nativity scenes! You will surely find these images adorable.

1. “But What if the Angel Needs Back-up?”

I will be up all night!


2. “Please Wash Hands Before Approaching. No Germs Around the Baby.”

The baby is my responsibility and I can let no harm happen to it.


3. “Anyone Else Notice That the New Bench Seems a Bit Pointy?”

What if it hurts the baby? I rather sit on it myself!


4. “Sorry, You Just Missed Them. They Left This Morning, Something About Egypt…”

I am taking their calls for the day. Would you like to leave any message?

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