20 Cute Animals That Will Cheer You Up

It’s not a secret that a dog is a man’s best friend indeed. But then apart from dogs, we have the likes of cats, birds, tortoise, and fishes that we pet. And before we know it, they become a part of our family, and an inseparable part at that.
Like our siblings and children (or even really old grand parents),  they also demand as much love and attention and likewise give us unconditional love.
When you see a child at play, no matter how frustrated or tired or sad u may be, it all melts away and what is left is only laughter and love to see them having so much fun. Here we have a few moments captured of some pets which will bring a smile on to your face,  no matter how tired or upset you feel today. The expressions, mind you, are amazingly cute and can fetch these little things an Oscar. So here are the cutest animals we came across:
1] OMG, I missed catching a glimpse of her again… Now what will I do?  Damn to my sleep!!!
pic 1
2] How should we convince our parents that we are made for each other?? I mean just look at us pocchies wear DINOSAUR dresses!
pic 2