20 Enthralling Facts To Know About Thailand Before Planning A Trip!

Today’s fast paced corporate world hardly spares anybody! People love to go on holidays and vacations, the limiting factor being leaves and time. Vacation is required by everyone to unwind from the stresses of life! People have different choices regarding the idea for going on a vacation because some prefer hill stations, while some like beaches. These days, Thailand is one of the hottest destinations among tourists and even newly wed couples prefer to go there for spending a quality time.
Thailand is a wonderful collection of beaches! It is also renowned for its delicious and finger licking food and scenic beauty. So before you plan your next trip to the ‘Land of White Elephants’, it is important to increase your knowledge about the place and some more interesting facts that will surely make your trip even more amazing.

1. World’s largest golden Buddha statue is also in Thailand

Buddhism is the only and main religion of Thailand. 95 per cent of the population follow and practice this religion.

Buddhism is the main religion practices and preached in Thailand which is followed by about 95% of the population. The world’s largest golden Buddha statue is also in Thailand

2. World’s tallest hotel

There are many things in Thailand, like world’s largest gold Buddha, the largest crocodile farm, the largest restaurant, the longest single-span suspension bridge, and the world’s tallest hotel, which make it different from other tourist countries of the world thereby increasing its charm for people planning a visit.

baiyoke sky hotel
Baiyoke Sky Hotel, one of the World’s tallest hotel in Thailand, Bangkok, is an 85-storey tall hotel which stands at 304 metres


3. Most Populated Country

Thailand is counted as the world’s 20th most populated country, and it is very quite near to 67 million people.

4. Never Colonized by a European Nation

It is the only country in South-East Asia that was never colonized by a European nation. Big thing this!

5.World record of longest line washed plates

Thailand has also set the world record of ‘the longest line of washed plates’ in January 2014 when 40,800 washed plates were lined up. This line stretched for nearly 7 miles. The Unilever Thai Trading Ltd. had set this world record.

washed plates
The world record for most washed dishes placed in a line. The line stretched for about 7 miles