18 Hilarious Failed Attempts of kids playing Hide and Seek

With the advent of social media, people have begun to share a lot more about themselves, than they used to. Among things being shared on online networking sites, people love to share about their friends and Kids.
Kids being the hot favourite among social network users, their day to day adventures seem funny to everyone who witnesses their funny antics in the form of posts or images.
Today, we bring to you a funny collection of Images, where little kids have made attempts at hiding themselves in and around the house, but sadly and hilariously, have quite failed to do so.
Take a quick look at our collection here:
# 1 : This boy’s father posted on Imagur: “This is where my son decided to hide for hide and seek’ showing the one flaw in the tot’s plan”
Whaaa?? What flaw?
#2 : A Reddit user posted that their son was trying to hide in the sofa but his feet were a quick give away. Research has found children believe they can’t be seen if their eyes are covered
Oh … so in short, children are pretty much like ostriches??? Well, at least this smart guy is!
#3: An Imgur user posted that his son ‘thinks I can’t see him’ behind this pole in the garden, in an amusing snap
Yayyy … one more joins the gang
#4: Well some others are really kinds smart . This three-year-old boy had the right idea to go invisible, but was unfortunately too long and tall to hide underneath a TV cabinet.