20 Insanely Amazing Facts About Your Own Pee You Ought To Know Right Away!

Had Shakespeare been fond of toilet humour, he would have written ‘To pee, or not to pee, that is the question!’ But he was not, I believe. But here are some insane facts about your pee that you must not give a miss!
Urine is your body’s way to get rid of wastes:
Kidneys are the manufacturing units of urine. Body produces multiple toxic and non-toxic wastes during the day some of which are excreted via the urine and others via the more loved waste product – poop!
It contains about 3000 components with water as the main component:
If you thought that you are just peeing out coloured water, you are not totally wrong! It is just that water forms the main bulk (about 95%) of urine while other waste components such as chlorides, urea, uric acid, ammonia, sodium, etc. are also excreted along.
urine contents
Most people pee about 7 times a day on an average:
This averaging out of the bathroom visits may not totally convince you. Of course, you are right! The frequency of peeing depends on many factors such as intake of liquids and even temperature conditions of your surroundings. However, one should not worry if you go slightly less or more often!
A healthy urine stream should last about 7 seconds:
Again, this varies from person to person and may not be true for everyone. But then if you are peeing only for, say, 2 seconds and still having the urge to urinate, it may be signs that you should visit your doctor at the earliest.
Average bladder capacity is much more than you would expect:
How much liquid do you think your small tiny bladder can hold? Make a guess! Yes, it is about 300-500 mL (a whopping half a litre if you see it that way) and can go upto 800-900 mL at the maximum (this is when it becomes painful). You can fill and entire beer bottle (or more) with this much amount, or better still 12-15 shots of that vodka!
The color of your urine tells a lot about your health:
Urine colour of a healthy person is anywhere between pale yellow to dark yellow (depending on how much liquids you have ingested). If you see your pot with a color different than what we have just mentioned, it may be due to your eating habits or may be a sign of infection/disease. Here is a quick guide to decode the color coding.
If your pee smells sweet, it may be signs of diabetes:
If your urine persistently smells sweet (due to ketones present), it may be signs that you are a diabetic. If you are not already on anti-diabetic medications, it is probably time to visit your doctor.
But in case of foul smell, it may be due to an infection:
Urine, usually, does not have a smell of its own until bacteria act upon it and make it foul smelling. Excessively foul smelling urine may be a sign of a latent infection.
Your eating habits can pretty much dictate your urine’s stench:
Sometimes, the food you eat imparts a characteristic smell to your pee. People eating asparagus regularly may have a sour smell of urine. People taking certain medicines which are excreted in urine may have varying coloured urine eg. orange, green, etc.
Oliguria is a condition when you do not pee enough:
Even if you do not drink water for a day, you may pee out up to 500 mL of urine. Below this level is known as oliguria and may be indicative of a kidney disease or dehydration.
Pee-shyness may not let you urinate, openly:
Some people are unable to start urinating when other people are around, eg. In a public toilet. It is known as Paruresis.
When in Rome do as the Romans do:
Romans used to have a home remedy for whitening teeth. Yes, using one’s own urine. Ewwwwww! Their explanation – it contains ammonia which is a whitening agent.
Urine stream of women is wider than that of men:
Since women do not have a specific outlet of urine, like men, their urine stream is usually wider.
Women do not urinate from the vagina:
Unlike popular belief, women does not come out of the vagina, but a small urethral outlet in the vaginal wall.
There is a thing known as Stress Urinary Incontinence:
Sometimes a small amount of urine may escape out when you laugh hard, sneeze or cough. It is usually normal.
You pee more often and your stream gets weaker with age:
In old age, the urine stream gets weaker and you may have to urinate frequently. This may be attributed to hormonal changes, decreased kidney function, or hypertrophied prostate (in men).
You tend to urinate frequently also in pregnancy:
The foetus impinges on the bladder decreasing the capacity and increasing pressure at small volumes.
Had $ex? Do not forget to pee if you are a woman:
After intercourse, women should not forget to urinate as it flushes out bacteria, etc. Even men should try and pee after $ex.
Your kidney stones may slide down through your urethra:
If you have small kidney stones, they may trickle down through your urethra and into the bladder.
It is harder for women to hold urine:
This is usually attributed to small urethra of women and lesser voluntary muscles in the opening of urethra.
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