Dog That Was Bred Repeatedly, Finally Gets Rescued

Dogs are amazing animals. They are truly man’s best friend. But sometimes, people treat dogs so terribly, it breaks the heart. This is the story of one such dogs whose family had no regard for her well-being.

1 – Dory the dog:


Dory is a dog who was used by her family mainly for breeding.

2 – She was kept on a chain:

For most of her years, Dory was kept on a chain. She did not get the exercise or the freedom that dogs need.

3 – Her family did not care:


An animal control officer tried to talk to the family to make them understand that they were being cruel to the dog. But they did not listen.

4 – Finally the family gave her up:


When Dory was pregnant again, her family decided that they did not want her anymore. They gave her up to Clewiston Animal Control.

5 – The shelter already had too many animals:


Staff was worried that Dory would not get the care she needed.

6 – Big Hearts For Big Dogs Rescue:


A woman who was working for this shelter decided to help the dog. She became Dory’s foster mother.

7 – Dory was soon going to give birth:


When she was rescued, she had a few weeks left before she was due to give birth.

8 – She birthed 8 puppies:


She gave birth on Friday. Her litter had eight male puppies and three female ones. They were all incredibly cute and healthy. Her labor lasted several hours.

9 – Puppy names:

The puppies will be named after the characters from the cartoon movie, Finding Nemo.

10 – Adoption:


These puppies will be available for adoption. Dory, too, will be put up for adoption after she is healed and is doing well.

11 – Dory will be spayed:


After giving birth to so many puppies, Dory will never have to be pregnant again.

12 – Dory is a happy dog:

Dory is very happy to be free and pays a lot of attention to her puppies. It is obvious that the dog is delighted that she is not chained anymore. It is hoped that she will soon be adopted by a loving family who will give her the attention and care that she needs.