21 Pregnancy Announcement Pictures That Will Drive You Crazy!

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for most married couples, unless of course you are a lunatic with no emotions or love for anything! Therefore, pregnancy announcement is also a very important part of the lives of those couples who are very social and want their friends to know that they are going through this phase.
People do all kinds of crap all the time for various reasons and nobody gives a dog’s crap about what they do. However, dragging pregnancy into the insanity is an all time no-no! All they end up doing is getting mocked for their acts by those who they thought would appreciate their dumb acts! Here are some of the crazy people who took pregnancy announcement to an all new moronic level!
1. Is this couple trying to act like a cool ‘lesbian’ couple? Well, melon and watermelon does not impart the same curves, however hard you may try! And it surely does no good when you are trying to ‘act’ pregnant too, especially if you are a man and the lady in question is your wife!
2. Posing with the hurt deer and its sharp deer-horns right next to your pregnant belly is the best and the safest possible way to announce to the world that you are preggy! Right!
3. What do you call a couple in which the male and the female have a round belly? FAT. This couple posing on a huge gym ball with a picture of a child on the belly of the male is quite weird to look at. God knows if they are making an announcement that they are expecting or just mocking everything related to pregnancy.
4. Just because you are an African-American couple, it is not taken for granted that whatever you do should be taken as it is the coolest possible thing that could be done! Well, the father-to-be taking to milk while the expecting mother drinking beer out of the can is the worst way to break the news to your friends!
5. An insane sexual drive is what most women crave in their man. But you must be educated enough to use proper protection so that you do not end up making an announcement like this couple is. Their 4th successful hit between the ovum and the sperm! Even the girls look goofed up, you see.