21 Women's Logic That You Fail To Understand!

Science has advanced so much that we are making robots with artificial intelligence, sending them to the space to collect specimens from the outer world, and other whatnot. But men have constantly failed to understand women’s logic since inception of time. Understanding women’s logic is like asking an animal to speak up, which still does not seem far fetched.

  1. Men love to check out women who are fashionable; women feel offended if a man appreciates their beauty by looking

Women wear revealing clothes and still want the men to look into their eyes. And when they look into their eyes, they get offended and usually exclaim, ‘ What kind of a guy does not pay attention to a sexy, hot, sizzling woman like me?’ If the guy stares and appreciates the beauty of the woman in that particular clothing, the woman gets offended yet again complaining, ‘What a minnow, prick stares in such a creepy way?’ Illogical logic!

2. Never let your woman meet a friend of yours who is hotter than you

It is a myth that women tend to get affected by a break-up with a guy for a very long time. The truth is that they find the dumbest possible excuse to break-up with a guy which may include the guy’s best friend who is hotter and sexier than you.

3. Girls are cranky on two occasions, one, when they are on period, and two, when they are not

It is a well known fact that women tend to get cranky during ‘that time of the month’ and men are often quite supportive of it. However, this crankiness tends to get hold of the lady for the better part of the month as their whims and fancies get answered and respected by the man much more if they are cranky! I mean, total logic!

4. If a guy tries to talk to you, he is a creep

Single women crib the most about not having that special someone with whom they can chat and share their heart out. However, when a man makes the first move and asks them out, they stop responding the guy! What logic is this, is beyond the realms of this universe!

5. Your chances are brighter and indirectly proportional to the time you take to call the girl

If a woman likes some guy, they want the guy to make the first move, but in the rarest of rare cases when the woman offers her number to some guy they find cute and want to talk with further, they have a self-explained logic which is hard to digest. If the guy calls the same day or next day, the guy is too desperate while if the guy responds after some days, the girl indulges in self-loathing! But the luckiest is the guy who shows attitude, does not respond and in the end becomes that girl’s unfulfilled fantasy of sorts! Strange!

6. Men hitting women is abuse, while vice versa is considered women empowerment

A man hitting a woman is considered a crime (without even knowing the depth of what happened) while a girl hitting a guy is taken for granted that the girl was right and the guy, wrong! What double standards!

7. Women get their eyebrows made at parlor, and then draw them back on

Make up is essential to a woman as is food to a man! We all have seen women gong to the parlor to get their eyebrows plucked out. And next what they do is quite logical! Draw them back on using liners or pencils. Understandable.

8. Even if a woman is cheating, the man will be criticized

Now if a woman gets caught cheating on her man with another man, who according to you is wrong-doer? Of course, if you are a woman, your answer would have been ‘the man’ because he spied on the love of his life. Not ‘the woman’ for cheating on the man! Genius!

9. Ask a man to leave, and he will oblige

Whenever a woman gets mad, they try to walk out of the conversation by asking the man to leave her alone. And when the man obeys her, the anger deepens due to the fact that the man left her at her lowest! What lowly lows, yet full of logic!

10. SALE gets a woman excited; however, fake the substance may be

Women have this uncanny knack for buying stuff on SALE. However, a product becomes a must have on a half price sale while the same product during non-sale period costed the same. They are unable to grab the idea of increased label costing during sale period on which the companies offer lucrative discounts. But totally logical!

11. A woman never agrees to you if you call her beautiful

It is well known now that women get ready and put on make up to grab the attention of the opposite sex. They want the men to appreciate their beauty. If a man does the same, they become so modest that they call themselves ugly to gain in on the sympathy factor apart from excessive appreciation.

12. A woman wants to lose weight without having to go on dieting, ever

Women an momentous. By momentous I mean that one moment they call themselves fat and pledge to never eat fatty food items ever. The very next moment they eat chips and ice-creams right out of the tub! This can never be explained.

13. Illogical as it may seem

Mostly, women’s logic must be explained to young men at an early stage. But this is not realised in real life because women and their logic has remained obscured from men’s understanding since time immemorial. Sometimes what women might feel is ‘logic’ actually ends up being vague.

14. ‘What’ may have varied interpretations depending on who has said it

A man tries to contradict a woman, have you ever seen such a daring man? Well, you might have seen a chosen few. But there are some questions that should ring the bell in your head signifying there is something wrong and you must do something to make it politically correct!

15. There is of course a difference between a bikini and underwear

Roam all she wants in her bikini showing off that bod, but see her in her underclothes once by accident, the world seems to come crashing down for her! What logic!

16. They are the ones to start it, yet they will leave it first

If you argue with a woman, the woman will counter-argue for a long time till you lose your patience, keep silent, and then she would come up with this most killing reply..

17. One insult, and she will cry her heart out

If you compliment a woman on her looks, she will ignore it like you said nothing. Similar for the thousands of compliments following your’s. However, one insult and she is all full of tears and will make it a significant issue! What is wrong with women!

18. Chivalry, as they like it

The concepts of chivalry and equality are counter to each other when looked at exclusively. However, to women, they are relative and depends on the situation she and is in. If it paying the bills, chivalry is the rule, elsewhere, equality is, even for unequal work!

19. Double standards for themselves and the man

Some women show to the world how classy they are, but infact , they keep their surroundings and home shabby. The toiletries speak of how shabby they can get. But, the man must not even think of getting shabby, even for a second!

20. ‘Hi’ seems to be the short form of ‘harassment’ for women

For women, if a stranger (man mostly) says ‘Hi’ just out of courtesy, it amounts to harassment for them. Had it been the opposite, men would have never minded.

21. Dreams may play an important role in defining your relationship

If the man of her life cheats on her even in one of her weird dreams (dreams occur because of what goes on in the sub-conscious mind), she expects an apology from the man! Wow, what a logic this!
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