22-month-old toddler was presumed dead when he was brought to the hospital. Then a miracle happened.

Miracles do happen; whoever said this was so damn right! This is a miraculous survival story of a 22-month-old toddler that beat all odds and came back alive after having fallen into a 6 foot deep well and sustaining severe injuries. His wounds were so severe that only a miracle would have saved him.

Erik, who is now 8 years old and is as normal as any other kids in the neighborhood, was very close to being dead after having fallen into an abandoned well. His internal organs, including kidney, liver and other vital parts sustained serious injuries and were shutting down. On May 21st, 2008, the 22-month-old toddler Erik wandered away from the playground at a local mother’s day program. Before care-givers noticed that he was missing, Erik fell head first into a well. When his dad got the call, he knew right away things would never be the same. The boy showed no signs of life when he arrived at the hospital, which is why the doctors put him on life support. A week passed by and yet there was no progress in Erik’s condition… no one knew how bad the damages were. Everyone thought he was lost.

Just when they were about to give up; when Erik’s parents were called in to talk with the doctors about taking him off life support, something miraculous happened. The almost dead Erik thrived to life. Rest is history.

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