She was Waiting for Her Flight. Then the Guy Beside Her Did This and Everyone was Blown Up!

Love is a very peculiar thing. It makes people rise to the highest levels and div into the deepest waters all because of the happiness the other person may get out of it. But love too has its own ups and downs and is not to be mistaken to be a bed of roses. It has its own complications and believe me, in overcoming and solving these complications lies the true strength of a relationship. The beauty of a relationship lies deep within the two people who are in it and are able to experience it. The strong feeling of being there for someone, being with someone during the time when he needs you the most is true love. As the expression goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so is the same for love. So in case you are on the hunt of choosing a person to grow old with then be very cautious while making your choice. This is because one little wrong choice can lead to the breaking of your heart, fragile as it already is.
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To build confidence in a relationship, one requires time as well as commitment. If in case the association of the duo succeeds then your life starts to sound like a smooth lovely ride. But this requires an objectivity level and you ought to know what is going on as you may not have reached such a level before this.
People falling in love let their emotion empower them even before they are fully ready enough to share their hearts and receive and give love to another person. Being in love is an easy task, but holding onto it for long years is the toughest job.
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It appears like that this guy has figured all of these things out and is quite ready to make his move and to be madly, deeply, unconditionally and irrevocably in love with his lover. At the least from what can be figured out from his actions; this seems to be quite a bit true.