23-Year-Old Boy Became Father And Grandfather In Gap Of Few Weeks. Whoa!

Sometimes, things that happen in real life can surprise you. Ever heard of someone becoming father and grandfather in a span of few days? Yes, that’s happened. Recently a 23 year old boy has become a father and a grandfather in a gap of few weeks.
So the story goes like this. Tommy had not seen his sister Lisa for over a period of 10 years. And when he heard about her worsening conditions, he had no choice, but to accept her. She had been homeless over years and when he found her, she was 32 weeks pregnant.  Lisa’s boyfriend has been in prison due to some unknown reasons. She did not have a choice, but to keep her unborn baby in the foster care. And then Tommy came to her rescue.
Tommy Connolly with his Teenaged cousin sister
Coming back to Tommy, he is a student in the University of Sunshine Coast. He is 23 years old. He had only $3000 savings in his bank account. As per the rules and regulations of the Department Of Child Safety, he will have to buy a rental apartment for his cousin Lisa for her unborn baby. So he spent that entire savings in to buying an apartment.
Lived under the shadow of drugs and violence!
But luck had something different in store. At the tender age of 11, Lisa was addicted to a substance called Methamphetamine, which is a recreational drug and was homeless by the age of 13. She became pregnant at the age of 16.  Tommy was the only person in her blood relation that she knew.  So he was like father figure to her. When Lisa’s baby was born, Tommy became grandfather in few weeks.
Tommy's problems
Finally Lisa found stability in life. She has also applied for a driving license, before she could start going to school again. Like any other teenager, Lisa had her dreams and ambitions. She wanted to become chef, but now she will have to concentrate on growing up the baby. Tommy wants people to believe him that he had not shared his story on social media for cheap fame or publicity. He just wanted people to know, what happened with him.  But the kind of response he got on social media is unbelievable. There were people who were enquiring about his single status, while others were praising him for rescuing his sister and taking care of her. To his surprise, he even got a heart warming gift from one of his fan, who gifted him the page arrangement of the baby’s name that is Kaydan. Also he did reveal his sisters name, which he had changed to Lisa initially to hide her identity as Kiarna.
Blessed with a baby boy but never with a good life!
Life has its own way of bringing you closer to people whom you thought had lost. Like, in the case of Tommy and Lisa, she found him and his life and her life were never the same before. Lisa made Tommy her father figure, that makes him kind of father and Lisa’s baby made him grandfather. Lisa and Tommy’s reunion has proved that no matter where you stay in life, when it comes to family, nothing matters.
This is how he became what he became!
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