25 Cool Psychology Tricks to Do

Psychology is amazing! It hits your brain real hard. Well, you can try these 25 cool psychology tricks to unlock some of the life hacks! Lets look at them. They might come really handy next time you get stuck up in some difficult situation!
#1 It’s obvious that we remember the first and last part of any story or song more clearly than the middle one, it human psychology and this trait could be used to your advantage especially while you are going for a interview, try to be the first or last one. HR will definitely remember you.
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#2 When you anyhow want your way to prevail or highway, try to confuse people with choice which is actually in your favour for eg mothers can give choice to their kids to either have 2 kerelas or 3, either way your wish of making them eat is being prevailed.
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#3 If you are the coy one who hesitates to make eye contact promptly then focus on the forehead of the person just for a while or look at the eye colour just once, it will give the impression that you are actually making an eye contact and are confident.
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#4 For people in dieting spree they find it most difficult to resist food but you can actually play with your mind and have small portions of food by serving the food in a small plate, in that way even small quantity looks huge and your instinct will stop you to have more food.
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#5 Trying hard not to munch snacks kept in cupboard just put up a mirror at cupboard door and everytime you go sneaking there you will be caught by yourself. Try it, it really works.
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#6 To enhance memory try and do something different while learning like chewing a gum and then when you try to recall the lesson think of the chewing gum and the lesson will automatically come to you. Our psychology has great association power.
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#7 If you can’t answer convincingly then try out filling the answer with jargons, geeky terms it will give an impression that you a lot. It’s tried and test by all the students and many time we ended up getting good score.
#8 If you want to know who secretly admires you in the group and always keeps an eye on you try to yawn and see you watch the admirer will copy your action as psychology says that when we intently see something we actually imitate them involuntarily.
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#9 You can remember long list of your contacts number by grouping individual number like instead of 1236547890 club them as 123-654-7890
#10 If you are bad with remembering names or always lose in memory game then next time when you try to remember something turn it in a tune, our brain remembers music more easily then plain words. That’s the reason why we remember age old songs but not our lesson which we learnt few days back.
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#11 You can make someone feel insecure by seeing their hairline while they speak.
#12 Tired of carrying shopping bags and want to pass them on, just talk with the person and hand them over the bags while talking they won’t even realise because our conscious mind is not that proactive.
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#13 Have a very important exam tomorrow and you haven’t learned a word, don’t be an owl and stay awake whole night, just get up early in the morning. IT is scientifically proven that mind works fastest immediately after waking up and your conscious mind at that time will remember everything.
#14 While in a group when everyone laughs, remember the person whom you glanced first they are the ones closest to you.
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#15 Praise a person about being a pro, they will fall in the trap and overdo things and then you can easily win.
#16 Make people believe in your tips and tricks by saying that what your parents say, people tend to believe in paternal advice more easily.
o-PARENT-TEEN-ARGUMENT-facebook.jpg (2000×1000)
#17 Don’t show a round up figure like 100 always show odd one like 99 the customer will feel they are getting it cheap but you know that’s not the case
#18 Always hold cold drinks in left hand while in a party so that your right hand is free and warm. People are impressed by a warm handshake.
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#19 You can actually avoid a confrontation by sitting beside the person instead of in front of them, they tend to get more cooled down and kind with words.
#20 When you interrupt a person just before completing saying” Stone, paper, Scissors “they will instinctively bring out scissors and you will win the game.
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#21 Calling counts backward like 10,9,8 instead of 1,2,3 have more effect . So set your deadline backward and you will definitely complete it on time.
#22 If you don’t want to be the butt of a joke in a group just interrupt the speaker once and then again by asking a question, then ask them to continue no joke remains funny 3rd time and no one will laugh.
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#23 If you want to impress a girl take them for adventure sport or horror movie, the adrenaline rush that comes to them after the activity makes them cling to you and think of you more than the activity. It draws their attention from surrounding ambiance to you.
#24 Help others before seeking help yes when you help someone they automatically feel indebted to you and are ready to help you more often.
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#25 Who said swearing is bad, sometimes when you swear the impact of your words gets augmented. Like I forgot my phone sounds like an excuse but if you say Damn! I forgot my phone will sound like a serious problem.
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