25 Strange Things Found At The Beach. #20 Will Scare You To The Core

The most obvious thought that comes to a person’s mind when they think or hear of a beach is that there would be fine sand where they could walk carelessly and could collect seashells. They can even get a chance to collect beach treasures like driftwood, sea glass, and various other things. A wave of ocean can spit out a large amount of interesting things on the beach for us to collect them. But to our surprise, it may not always be the case that all what the beach has to offer us is interesting! If you lucky enough then you are sure to find good things, but in case of some people their luck didn’t favor them much! Here is a list of few things that people came across while they were beach combing. They are unusual yet eye catching!

1. A fortunate bloke came across this rock design on the beach.

Looks like an artist left his masterpiece in the open!



2. An old rusted pistol.

A man found this pistol on the beach while he was having a stroll.



3. At a beach in Galveston, Texas.

This message in a bottle was found in Texas. we hope that it gets delivered to the right person.


4. A Sushi rock

A person stumbled upon this beautiful piece of rock that looks like a little piece of sushi.



5. An intact fossilized leaf “skeleton”

This fossilized leaf skeleton was found amidst few pebbles on a beach.



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