25 Super Sleepy Animals That Will Surely Melt Your Heart!

To be frank, I respect animals more than people. We are the ones messing up this world, not them! Animals only know the language of love. They deal in it. If you have ever adopted an animal, you would know that they love you back unconditionally, without clauses! Be it a dog or a cat, animals are truthful and their life revolves around you. Having said that, a sleepy animal is much more of a delight to watch.
As is rightly said by Anatole France, ‘Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’. But for that, these animals need to be awakened first. From their slumber.
Such is the innocence of a sleepy pet that you are bound to be mesmerised by their charm, cuteness, and unsullied mannerism. Not only this, it will melt your heart and you will be left craving for more sinless acts of these pristine creatures. Here we have made an attempt to capture a little part of this cuteness for you. Do comment if this post reminded you of you pet four-legged freak!
1. When you look like a baby bear, you ought to feel sleepy (bears sleep a lot)!
2. When you are attending a class and waiting for it to get over, you literally slip off the bench!
3. I know I did not let you sleep through the afternoon, but now I am all tired of barking all day and want to hit the bed!
4. Swimming? Now? Wake me up when this thought ceases to cross your mind!
5. And a yawn is perfect example what it is like to be sleepy, yet awake!
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