25 Unique Ways To Upcycle Your Old Household Furniture!

When you buy your own home and start to live in it, you want to see everything different and unique around you. You also want to impart a contemporary look to your old dilapidated furniture or any other item of your house. But neither can you use old furniture in your newly built home nor can you throw it away or give to someone else.
But that said, you can reuse your old furniture in new form. For this, you need not go to your carpenter but just need to give it an artistic touch yourself. You can change few old articles into unexpected furniture. These furniture ideas are really very effective. I am sharing with you some ideas of how to reuse furniture.
So, who are you waiting for? Let us start the interior decor of your home using your old furniture. These are timeless ideas with before and after pictures of the artistic touch we are going to give your furniture.
1. Change your old door into headboard
You can take advantage of old doors and recycle them, you can make so many different and interesting things with them like coffee tables, desks, and now found this awesome one: do it yourself headboard. It will give a designer look to your furniture undoubtedly.
2. Give a rugged look to rotating stools
3. Dresser Bench Upcycled
4. Give Your Foot Full Comfort With This Old Drawer: Foot Stool

5. Use Garage Sale Cabinet And Convert It Into A Different Kitchen Stand