This was just another movie outing for these 3 sisters before something really surprising happened.

There is no dearth of good and kind people in the world who make it a better place to be; these guys from an Australian radio station stand testimony to this fact. Only a few years after Katie was diagnosed with cancer, it dawned quite mercilessly to the Australian family that all the 3 sisters (including Cassie and Kristal) share the same fate. But the trio held on to each other, unperturbed by the umpteen chemo sessions, nausea and overwhelming pain… it was their strength put to test, and they have managed to do well so far.

So, when this Australian radio station came to know about the story of these 3 sisters, they immediately sprang into action to give the girls a little bit of motivation to keep fighting their demons. In order to put their plan into action, the radio station guys invited Katie and her family to a movie theater for a special screening. Well, Katie and the girls were for a big surprise because it wasn’t just another movie. What you are just about to watch will definitely bring you to tears. Is there someone you know who deserves this more?

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