The 300-Year Old Corpse Of Santa Inocencia Just Blinked!!

Belief can do wonders. It can heal incurable diseases, it can help you get out of grave misery, and it can even help you achieve something unattainable. But have you ever come across a scenario where belief brought life back from the dead? The story of Santa Inocencia seems to be on the same lines.
The story of the popularly known St. Innocence dates back more than 300 years when a young Roman girl started following Catholicism with all her heart. Now being a Catholic or following the religion is normally not an issue but when it came down to Santa Inocencia, things weren’t that simple. Her father, whom she actually lived with, didn’t approve of her Catholic beliefs.

Santa Inocencia: Catholicisim

It all started going down the line when St. Innocence thought of defying her father’s decision and following what her heart deemed correct. She started going behind his back and reaching out to Catholic churches. Soon after, she befriended a nun who helped her strengthen her belief to a greater extent. It wasn’t long when she took her Holy Communion.
It seems that getting her Holy Communion wasn’t the wisest step she took. Her father got to know about it when she returned home and he didn’t seem too pleased about it. With a knife in his hand, he stabbed her own daughter to death. Santa Inocencia’s murder didn’t go to waste as it was one of the first persecutions against Catholicism, which helped in bringing about a revolution. She actually became a martyr.
Santa Inocencia: Corpse
Corpse of Santa Inocencia

Santa Inocencia was wearing the white dress her nun friend gave her while she received the Holy Communion. It was the same dress she was murdered in. She was buried in Santa Ciraca cemetery in Rome, Italy only until 1786 when a wealthy priest exhumed her body and brought it to the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Mexico.
Santa Inocencia: Cathedral
Cathedral of Guadalajara

In order to bring about awareness regarding this storyline, Santa Inocencia’s corpse was preserved in wax and displayed in the premises of the church. She is dressed in that same ceremonial dress she wore during her Holy Communion.
Believers from all over the world travel down to the church to pay homage to this martyr. The belief that reading prayers in front of this corpse bring about good luck attracts even more tourists from all around. But in recent news, a tourist captured this 300-year old corpse opening her eyes, staring right into the camera, and closing them before someone notices.
Santa Inocencia: Tourists
Tourists checking the waxed corpse

It is needless to say that the video is going viral because of all the horrifying reasons. It has been viewed by more than 80,000 people as of now and the questions arising in the viewers mind are the same as will appear in your mind after watching this.
Santa Inocencia: Eye Blinking
The horrifying eye blinking

Some sense a paranormal power controlling this waxed corpse while others are of the belief that it is just a publicity stunt by the shooter of the video. Whatever the reason might be, the fact that a dead corpse opened her eyes and stared into the camera for a couple of seconds scares the hell out of all the skeptics, believers as well as non-believers out there. Probably this is what the death of Santa Inocencia was destined for.
Watch the following video to witness the scenario.