5 Critical Vagina Odor To Be Taken Care Of

It is natural that people smell bad specially from their genitals. This is because genitals are the body parts that are most prone to bacterial infections and home to several diseases. Men often think that women pubic region need to have a good odor, but that is not the case. Most women have a peculiar [email protected]@ scent that differs from woman to woman and is dependent on the body odor a woman carries. In addition to body odor, the type of food and the hygiene maintained are major factors towards bad scent from the [email protected] Keeping the vagina clean and hygienic can help eradicate bad odor from the vagina. Here are a few common vaginal smells that are experienced by women.

  1. Fish smell.

    vag 1Fish smell can lead to a precarious health condition because when the vagina smells like fish it could be a symptom of a bacterial vaginosis. This is can lead to a serious complication and can be categorized under STI. The other reason for the fishy smell can be an imbalance in the number of bacteria present in the vagina.

2. Metallic odor

vag 2
The metallic smell is the mostly experienced instantly succeeding the period or immediately after interior ejaculation. Both the above symptoms develop a metallic odor and also show a fluctuation in the pH level in the vagina.

3. Yeasty Scent

vag 3The major problem with the yeasty smell is that they don’t develop a peculiar bad odor. In addition to bad smell from the pubic region a white discharge is seen excreting from the vagina which confirms the presence of the infection.
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