6 kinds of “Friends” we all need in life

It’s true that man is a social animal. We all need society to live, apart from our family, colleagues and acquaintances there are people called ‘FRIENDS’ and they can not be defined. We classify our friends in groups, best friends, childhood friend, waving and smiling friend, chuddy buddy and the list goes endless according to our desire. But still their title remains the same and they all play an important role in our life.

  • Sharing is Caring 

To share something or anything is always a good sign, as nothing gets over after sharing , it always multiplies and comes back to us. If we share we’ll feel free with no burden in mind and heart and at the same time the person with whom we share , we somehow make him realise the importance of his presence in our life.There is always a basic need of sharing and caring in everyone’s life. We all need that one friend with whom we can share anything and everything and the one who care for our well-being.

  • To Live with 

Living with someone other than family members is always different. As the perception for us of every person varies and then it is realised that we not only live but adjust with a whole lot of different people and respect all differences and enjoy the similarities. There should be no fear of differences arising as facing the consequences and resolving them will make our relationship go stronger.So go out make new friends and enjoy the similarities and accept the difference whole-heartedly.

  • A Transparent figure

At some or the other point in life we all need advices, and in that situation we are in a hunt of those true words which can satisfy us. Those suggestions should be transparent and not driven by some profit and loss statement. A true friend be it our parents, best or childhood friend if they become our true mirror, no other thing would be required for our happiness.

  • Chuddy Buddy !!

We all want that one friend to be called by this name, a person with whom we can share any wildest and weirdest thing in this world, no matter what he’ll think or say. How beautiful it is to be just ‘ourselves’. That place and importance can not be defined.

  • You never know!!

Ahem ahem!!, here comes a someone special, be it your friend, boyfriend, husband, or soul mate. We need a person who not only understands us but can catch idea behind that thought. The only line you could say is “You and I are more than friends’’.

  • No Complaints , No Demands

What could be more exciting than having a friend who by hook or by crook is yours. A friend having no complaints and accepts you as you are and demands nothing in return , is a real treasure. So , please don’t dare to lose it.

  • Chillaxing !!

Hanging out , having fun with friends is a normal thing we do, having a nice company to be with is always adorable and is something to be cherished for always. Who knows just exploring and hanging out with someone could build an amazing chemistry.