7 Disturbing Pictures of People Moments Before They Died!

No one knows for sure about being born but we all do know that we are going to die one day. We all are continuously moving, moving towards death. But when we die we do not leave behind anything apart from some memories to the close ones.Well, here is a list of people who left behind something, disturbing pictures, for the world to see before they died. These pictures are definitely cringe-worthy pictures.  These people, in a certain kind, became immortal.

1. We salute to all the brave hearts of every nation- soldiers!In the picture is the veteran of World War II and this was snapped before he breathed his last.

2. Mother-child moments are always special and are the ones that are cherished the most. Well this next picture is a selfie of a mom and son just before the Malaysian airline MH370 took off.It is a picture perfect click but it makes us cringe knowing what happened to MH370. It disappeared and debris of the plane that was found recently is yet to be confirmed as part of this plan by investigators.

3. This picture hits you right in the pit of your stomach.The girl shares a snapchat with her boyfriend just moments before he shoots her to death.

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